Being a human, I’m a study in contrasts and I kind of like that!

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Let’s talk about the Universe — For a scientific man, only a scientific explanation will do.

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A poem about moving on.

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An invigorating science fiction trilogy on the administration of death in a post abundance world.

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Personifying natural forces is nothing new; let's twist the seasons —and add a tiny political angle.

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And some need to be broken

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And fails miserably — a poem.

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Most people want to buy a house in the city, but I daydream of returning to my roots — having grown up on a farm, I want to go back to simpler rhythms.

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Tenet, The Wave and Synchronic all have similar territories, but they each tell very different stories.

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YA is not my genre of choice, but this time, I found my match.


Wrote in my youth for expression, Writing now for sanity. Read in my youth for escape, Reading now for grounding.

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