An invigorating science fiction trilogy on the administration of death in a post abundance world.

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I generally try not to spend too much money on buying books. Where I live, we have a lot of “Street libraries”, which are just awesome. One of my finds in these treasure boxes was “Scythe”(2016), written by Neal Shusterman.

Not going to lie; the distinctive cover art by Kevin…

Personifying natural forces is nothing new; let's twist the seasons —and add a tiny political angle.

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Spring is a naive teenager, idealistic and up in your face. How much energy is required to overcome the inertia of the cold? She riots in the streets, hit by pepper to the eye, she radiates out warmth: thawing the snow off the ground with the best of intentions. …

Most people want to buy a house in the city, but I daydream of returning to my roots — having grown up on a farm, I want to go back to simpler rhythms.

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When I live on the farm, I shall grow strong, corded musculature.
When I live on the farm, I will nurture the crops of my choice — lavender, berries and irises.

When I get away from this light speed life, I will write for longer and more connected. …

Tenet, The Wave and Synchronic all have similar territories, but they each tell very different stories.

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I have two big loves: Sci-fi and Film.

2020 finally gave me enough time to blend those two loves together and let’s say I binged away at a lot of Sci-fi. I love Sci-fi so much because the genre makes you think outside the constraints of general life. Some accepted…


Wrote in my youth for expression, Writing now for sanity. Read in my youth for escape, Reading now for grounding.

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