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So, I have a theory that while words are wonderful, there exist some concepts that are too big to be explained by words. The mere naming of them diminishes them. I believe that Humans in all their complexity, in the taking up of space and time, are EXACTLY this kind of concept.

With that in mind, let me try to tell you a bit about myself. Let us start from the outside and work inwards.

In my professional life, I am a media strategist to multinationals: a finder of patterns, a number to emotion converter, the curiosity machine; but also…

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Once, you and I woke up before dawn to see a comet streak across the sky.
It was the size of an orange for us to see; we joked that we would pluck it out of the sky and stick it in my school bag.

Today, I hear that you’ve done what the comet did: Done your turn across the sky and ducked out behind the sun for a while.

Every time I pick and pick apart a book, a film, a choice, I’ll hear you and the jokes and theoretical debates we’ve had.

When I’m among friends, I will…

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Having great trouble sleeping. Do you think, if I run away enough from closing my eyes? If I escape into another world It won’t catch me?

I know that within me the rain is constant. Even while I stand in the sunshine in the garden.

I almost envy the people who can sink in spirit — in the thrill, in industry or any other emulsion.

The lake keeps filling up, there is no plug, no way to drain this swamp I’m in. I thrash with no footing and yet I cannot drown. …

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I generally try not to spend too much money on buying books. Where I live, we have a lot of “Street libraries”, which are just awesome. One of my finds in these treasure boxes was “Scythe”(2016), written by Neal Shusterman.

Not going to lie; the distinctive cover art by Kevin Tong was the first thing that caught my eye. Having read the next two books in the series, those covers make for a stunning trio on the bookshelf. Let's jump right in then.

The Arc of the Scythe is a trilogy based on a world where artificial intelligence(named the Thunderhead)has…

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Spring is a naive teenager, idealistic and up in your face. How much energy is required to overcome the inertia of the cold? She riots in the streets, hit by pepper to the eye, she radiates out warmth: thawing the snow off the ground with the best of intentions. Laying all the decay of stagnation bare.

Summer, the cruellest of all. Cloaked in sunshine and crisp white designer. She watches the bull markets — smiling as Fat Cats get fatter, the hoards march upon white steps. The days are longer, burn the skin and trickle the growth ever upwards.


My Love and I have a toxic pattern — we each exercise opposing core values on the eve of our anniversary.

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Last week was our 11th Anniversary — It seems crazy how we have such a milestone considering who we are and what we went through to get here. We are both commitment-phobes, stubborn to a fault, and cannot abide the thought of being tied down in an academic sense. In that, I feel we do not differ from most people. Whether they think this applies is entirely up to the people themselves.

Psychologists often talk about how humans are…

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It seems it isn’t royalty or rank or status that will define the course of your life.
It doesn’t look like it’s education, knowledge or profession.

It isn’t the family you are born to which measures the love you are worth
or the family you find, or the family you make.

It isn’t what you look like that is the measure of what you deserve
or the adornments that glitter, or the mask you paint on in the morning.

It seems the only thing that plots the path of life and thus your measure:
is the ability to see the world…

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When I live on the farm, I shall grow strong, corded musculature.
When I live on the farm, I will nurture the crops of my choice — lavender, berries and irises.

When I get away from this light speed life, I will write for longer and more connected. Perhaps I shall bind long enough for the press.

When the city lights no longer spill into the sky, I will see the stars much clearer. My eyes will settle and my mind will see again.

When I have space for a garden, I shall grow my own vegetables and eat by…

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I have two big loves: Sci-fi and Film.

2020 finally gave me enough time to blend those two loves together and let’s say I binged away at a lot of Sci-fi. I love Sci-fi so much because the genre makes you think outside the constraints of general life. Some accepted rules are broken, which sets the mind free to see the world differently. I’d also be lying if I didn’t admit to loving the SFX and gorgeous visuals that accompany the work.

So, I’d like to share a trifecta of my favourites this year(for different reasons) with you: Let’s also…

Lately, I have needed distraction and my chosen vice books, piles and piles of them. I don’t really have the brain space for real grown-up books, so I went in for a YA novel!

Recently I was handed a book by a friend, and she said: “Here’s one you might like, it's Dystopian though, you gotta be in the mood for it”.

Boy, was I in the mood. I put the kids to bed and settled down around 9:30 pm and let's say I didn’t move at all until I had turned the last page at 4:30 in the morning…


Wrote in my youth for expression, Writing now for sanity. Read in my youth for escape, Reading now for grounding.

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