So I'm a happy sceptic when it comes to astrology: I treat it much like any other framework that lets people think and analyse things with symbolism.

All tech and app devs have some sort of human bias built into it(as you say the [best] intentions have some effect.

I also know that many "feminine coded" interests are ridiculed even if its just for fun: think about how make up is "silly" and sport is "wonderful".

Personally, I have the app, I don't take it seriously. sometimes I o on to take a look at what the words say.

Once it told me: "The only diamonds which have value are the ones that shine upon the sea when the sun hits the waves", its a bit wanky and pretentious, but somehow it resonated for me.

That being said, I think its cool how you know what apps work for you and what doesn't and then acted on it!

Wrote in my youth for expression, Writing now for sanity. Read in my youth for escape, Reading now for grounding.

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